What you need to know about cat litter in America

This week, we’ll explore some of the common cat litter misconceptions.1.

Cats are always in the litter boxes and need a place to stay in the winter.2.

Cats need a crate to sleep in the house, so they don’t wander out.3.

Cats don’t eat garbage.

In fact, they’re good at it.4.

Cats can’t make themselves a bowl of ice cream.5.

Cats like to curl up with you and you have to put them back in their box before you can eat them.6.

Cats have teeth and will chew through anything if you leave it for too long.7.

Cats prefer to chew things that they can chew themselves and not stuff them.8.

Cats will eat any kind of food if it comes in a bowl.9.

Cats hate to be left alone, so you can’t leave them in a car.10.

Cats aren’t good at cleaning their own bowls.11.

Cats eat a lot of plastic, so there’s no point in putting them in the dishwasher.12.

Cats love to curl and lick their bowls and dishes, so it’s best to put it away in a cupboard.13.

Cats think their own urine tastes like chocolate and are afraid to urinate in the shower.14.

Cats sleep in their own bed, so if you want them to sleep on your lap, you can put them in their crate.15.

Cats want to play on your floor and need to be able to crawl under their covers to do so.16.

Cats never sleep in your room, so put them on the couch and let them sleep.17.

Cats only eat food that’s cold and can’t be washed, so a bowl should always be left in the fridge.18.

Cats won’t eat your toys if you’re wearing ear muffs, so try to keep them out of the bedroom.19.

Cats keep their claws at arm’s length so you have no idea what they’re doing.20.

Cats make their own water, so any water bowls you keep will need to stay put.21.

Cats pee in their urine and they can’t wash it because they can scratch themselves.22.

Cats poop on your furniture and they’ll throw up.23.

Cats always go outside and play, so leave your dog outside and leave your cat indoors.24.

Cats just need to go inside and eat, but they can only go outside when it’s a natural time.25.

Cats live indoors, so do not put them outside in a warm room, because they will start to stink.26.

Cats cannot smell a food bowl because they smell like cats and they will try to eat it.27.

Cats scratch their claws all over your furniture.28.

Cats should never leave the house alone, even in the dark.29.

Cats know how to play with other cats, so keep your dog and cat out of your house when they’re out.30.

Cats may eat a bowl or two of food, but only if it’s in a pot that’s been emptied.31.

Cats do not like water, but if you give them water they’ll do anything to get more.32.

Cats get angry when you leave their bowls on the table.33.

Cats really do like to play, and they do this with their paws.34.

Cats dislike to clean up their own vomit.35.

Cats sometimes do not know how much food is in a box and will eat more than you expect.36.

Cats tend to get sick and die very fast if they’re left alone for too many days.37.

Cats use their claws for all sorts of tricks, but you need a cat trainer to really understand what a cat can do.38.

Cats crave food and are always hungry.39.

Cats also love to groom their fur, so keeping a bowl outside with a bowl litter will help keep them clean.40.

Cats go to the toilet in the middle of the night because they need to wash themselves.41.

Cats play in a circle and will jump in the air when you close the door.42.

Cats enjoy a good book.

If you’re going to a cat show, be sure to take your cat there with you.