Trump’s DOJ says it is ‘not reviewing’ federal court’s decision to end federal rule banning dog litter

A federal judge has issued an emergency order directing the Trump administration to rescind the rule restricting the sale and distribution of dog litter in federal parks and other public lands.

The order issued by U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson on Monday follows a U.N. panel’s December ruling that banned the sale of dog and cat litter nationwide.

Under the order issued Monday, the federal government will “terminate all existing and future federal regulations that restrict the sale or distribution of dogs or cats litter, including but not limited to, litter requirements for dog and cats in federally managed lands, and any other requirements that could be deemed burdensome on the enjoyment of the lands,” according to a statement from the Trump Justice Department.

The department said it would appeal the ruling.

“We continue to support the continued availability of dog or cat litter in public parks and public lands,” the statement read.

The Trump administration has been pushing to repeal the rule that prohibits dog and cuddly litter sales in federal public lands, including parks, by a federal court in California.

The Trump administration contends the rule has no connection to a federal law, and that it’s not enforced by the Interior Department.

Federal officials have also said the ban violates a 2008 Supreme Court ruling that struck down bans on dog and litter sales.