‘The Secret Lives of Cats’: The secrets of the world’s biggest felines

A story that will forever change how you think about cats and their owners, this PBS documentary chronicles the lives of a cat named Tuxedo and his owner.

“The Secret Life of Cats” is the first-ever PBS documentary that delves into the lives and lives of cats and cat lovers.

It features interviews with a number of cats who are part of the film’s world premiere, including two who are now adults, and a number who are no longer living.

“It’s a really fascinating look at the lives that are in these cats’ lives,” said Diane D’Ercole, who co-wrote the film with her husband, David.

“I think people will learn a lot about cats, and I think it will be a really interesting resource for people who want to know more about cats.”

The documentary will be screened on PBS and on PBS Kids on March 22. 

The documentary is the result of a collaboration between PBS and Animal Planet, with funding from PBS Charities and the Discovery Channel.

In partnership with Animal Planet and PBS, “The Secrets of Cats,” will premiere March 22 on PBS.com.

“There is a lot of misinformation out there about cats,” D’Ircole said.

“This is a really good resource for a lot more people to understand cats, but it will also educate people about cats who aren’t really interested in cats.”

The film will be distributed on PBS channels by the Discovery channel and by Animal Planet.