How to recycle cat litter

The cat litter is being dumped by the thousands outside the homes of the poor people in this rural region of Rajasthan.

The trash is being collected in the fields of Bhojpur and Puducherry, where the locals are living.

In one of the towns, the villagers collect cat litter outside their homes.

“We get it for free, but it takes us about three days to collect it, which is not the case in Rajasthani cities,” said a woman, who declined to give her name.

“I do not have a job and we have no savings.

We don’t have any money to pay our rent.

We work in the field, and then we pay our tenants a fee.

Sometimes, I take my cat with me.”

The villagers who are not earning enough to pay their rent do not leave the trash in their homes, either.

“The garbage is collected by the garbage collectors, and the garbage collector collects it by himself,” said the woman.

“Sometimes the garbage goes into a nearby creek, but that is because we cannot afford to dig it up,” she added.

“Our kids get sick easily from the pollution.

They are very lazy and they eat the litter.

The children often run away when they see it, because it causes them to be ill,” she said.

The residents of Bhatpur and Bhubaneswar in Rajanpur district are among the few to not pay the garbage fee.

The waste is collected from the houses of poor people.

“If a house is dirty, the garbage will be collected outside the house and deposited at a garbage collection point,” said one of them, who refused to give his name.

He said that most people in Bhatpun and Bhubi villages do not pay a fee to the garbage Collector.

“My house is not dirty.

The garbage is taken by my son, and I have collected it from him,” he added.