Why Canada needs a ‘cat litter’ robot

The cat litter robot that Canada’s environmental watchdog is considering buying could end up costing the government $50 million or more.

The proposed new robotic dispenser would make the nation’s cat litter problem worse, according to a report by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.

The robot would use an electromagnetic device to dislodge cat litter and put it back in the litter box, the report said.

The technology could cost about $50,000 to $80,000 and could cost $2,000 or more per litter box for the first six months.

The price tag is $30 million, or more than the cost of a $25 million robot installed in 2016.

The agency, which is also studying the use of the robot in Ontario, was not authorized to make public the details of the study, but Environment Canada said it has received about 30,000 responses to the public comment period.

A spokesperson for Environment Canada says the agency is reviewing the results of the public feedback.