A woman’s secret stash of cat litter, fudge and other waste

An Edmonton woman is sharing the contents of a hidden stash of fudge, cat litter and other miscellaneous trash.

“We’re pretty well well hidden, but we have a stash of cats litter,” Amanda Krasovic said.

“There’s a lot of cat stuff.”

Krasovic has been living with cat litter in her basement since 2014, and said she has had to keep her cats indoors since the beginning of 2017.

“When I got the first cat, he was about four months old, and we’d got him from the Humane Society,” Krasov said.

“We didn’t have any cats.”

“He got sick a few times and was pretty much dead by the time he was brought back to the shelter.

So I thought, well, why not take it with me, and I took it with him and we’ve lived here for two years.”

Kasovic said the cat litter is an excellent source of fudgy, crunchy food.

“It’s a food that is extremely filling, especially when it’s cooked with butter and cream and sugar and spices,” she said.

Krasov’s neighbours also love the cat food, and her dog loves the treats, too.

“She loves it, she’s a big cat, she loves it,” neighbor Sarah McElroy said.

McElroy lives across the street from Krasopoulos home and said it’s nice to see a cat owner willing to share the contents.

“This is my neighbour’s cat litter,” she explained.

“I thought I was going to be the only cat to have that stuff, but it’s been fantastic.”

McElroys neighbour is a retired teacher and says he would love to see more people taking part in the litter program.

“Cat litter is such a good thing,” McElroies said.”[We need] people that are looking after the cats, that have an interest in cats, and that want to do it for the cats.”

The waste has been stored for more than two years, but has never been moved, McElroe said.

Why cat litter and other cat litter products are bad for you

You’ve probably heard about cat litter: the stuff you throw out on your carpet, the stuff that gets thrown in your garbage.

The stuff that is good for you and good for your cat.

But cats love it.

And some of the stuff they love is actually good for them.

That’s because cats love the smell of cat litter.

In fact, cats love cat litter as much as we love coffee.

And we can get it for free.

But cats don’t need to go out and buy cat litter for their cat.

Cats can do it all on their own.

So let’s talk about cat-friendly litter and how to make sure your cat loves it.

Cat litter is basically a form of pet food that’s made for cats.

And it’s all formulated to be safe for your pet.

So the litter can be safe to feed your cat if you feed it according to the label on the package.

But that’s not the case for some cats.

Some cats might not like cat litter because it tastes bad, or because it’s made with too much chlorine or too much ammonia.

So cat litter is not a good pet food.

You can feed your dog cat litter or your cat can get cat litter from the local animal shelter.

But cat litter can also be bad for your health.

You may not know it, but cats can be allergic to cat litter even if it has no chemical components.

That means you can’t feed your cats cat litter that’s been treated with cat food.

This can cause your cat to have problems, including food allergies, urinary tract infections, and even seizures.

And even if your cat does have food allergies and the cat treats the litter the right way, your cat could still develop food allergies or other problems.

And the more times your cat tries to eat it, the more likely it is that your cat will develop a food allergy.

And even if you are able to feed cat litter to your cat, the litter could still contain mold, which can cause health problems for your cats.

If your cat develops mold allergies, then you should not feed your animal cat litter unless you know that mold is a major concern for your animal.

And if you can safely feed your pet cat litter you should also avoid feeding it to your pet dog.

So how can you tell if your pet is allergic to your litter?

If you’re still concerned, you can contact the state of Florida or the U.S. Department of Agriculture and ask for a list of approved cat litter suppliers.

If you have a cat, but don’t have the money to get the food or treat the litter, then your cat is probably allergic to the litter and your cat might be better off going to the pet store to get cat food instead.