Israeli authorities detain over a dozen dogs, cats

An Israeli court on Monday ordered the arrest of over a hundred dogs and cats, the second such order in less than a week.

The dogs, including eight cats, were seized in a raid by police in the northern town of Kiryat Arba.

Two dogs were found dead and three others were taken to veterinary clinics, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The cats, including six kittens, were taken from their homes and taken to the veterinary clinics for examination, the Post reported, citing the Dog and Cat Hospital Association. 

The raid came after Israeli police arrested seven suspects in connection with the killing of two dogs on Sunday in the Ashkelon district of northern Israel, which was one of the cities most violent over the past few months.

In June, a stray dog was shot and killed by an Israeli police officer.

In August, an Israeli court ordered the seizure of over 150 dogs, after they were found in an apartment in Ashkelan.

On Sunday, Israeli police raided a home in Kiryats Arba in a search for suspects in the killing. 

“We will continue to act decisively in the fight against this criminal enterprise,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday, according to the Israeli daily Haaretz. 

Meanwhile, the Animal Protection Society of Israel (APSI), which has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the plague, said on Sunday that it was calling for the arrest and euthanasia of animals caught up in the raid.

If we do not do everything possible to save these animals, we will have a tragedy to avoid.”