How to keep your cat’s litter clean, safe and out of your yard

A cat owner’s litter is one of the most important parts of a healthy home, but for many owners, that litter can be a problem.

There are many ways to keep it in check, and they’re not always easy to follow.

Here are five simple rules to keep cats out of the litter box and keep your yard clean.1.

Never let your cat lick the same thing twice.

The litter box, like any other part of your home, needs a little cleaning.

It’s the only place cats can access and feed.

But don’t let your kitten or cat lick a piece of the same litter box or another piece of litter in the same area.

It can spread the bacteria and cause infections, and if it’s not cleaned thoroughly, it can become contaminated with feces, as well.

So, don’t give your cat any chance to lick the litter.2.

Use a cloth or bag that covers your litter box.

Cats love to climb up onto your litter.

It helps keep their paws off the litter as they take turns to get to the next piece.

You can use a bag to cover the entire top of your litter, and you can even add a towel to keep the dirt out.3.

Keep the box and litter area clean with a good-smelling dish soap and detergent.

You don’t have to use a detergent that is toxic or can cause eye or nose irritation.

And wash it with warm water and soap, as this will help keep the water clean.4.

When you feed your cat, do not feed a portion of the food directly to your cat.

Cats can become very excited and jump at the first bit of food, but try to give your cats a portion that’s more manageable and safe for them to chew on.5.

Don’t allow your cat to go to your dog park, cat shelter or other outdoor play area.

You want your cat and dog to be safe and secure.

Cats and dogs will play together in the yard and outdoors, and your cat will likely get bored if you allow your dog to play alone.

It may also cause you to lose your mind.

But if you can’t control your cat or your dog, you’re better off with an area away from the house.6.

Do not allow your dogs to roam around your yard.

This is a great way to keep a cat or dog safe and in a place they can’t get lost.7.

If you have a pet carrier, you may want to purchase a small dog carrier for your cat that will fit under the cat litter box to keep its paws out of that area.

A pet carrier also makes a great home for your small kitten.8.

Don,t put any food, treats or toys in your cat litter.

Cats don’t need them, and a cat’s instinct is to seek out and eat food, and it’s a waste of money and energy to feed your cats anything other than litter.9.

Don’s cat is also a great indoor cat, and he’ll appreciate your efforts to keep him and your other cats healthy.

You’ll see your cat get lots of exercise and socialize, and this will benefit your cat even more in the long run.