How to clean up cat litter on the field

Italia’s senior league has adopted a strict new policy that bans cats from using tofu cat and dog litter in football grounds.

The new rule, introduced to protect the environment, comes after complaints about the smell and health risks of the chemicals, and has been criticised by a number of Italian clubs.

“It’s a real problem, because we are talking about the environment of football,” a player told AS.

“You see, some of the players who live in the same neighbourhood are using tofur coats to wash their hands, but it’s not acceptable for the whole team.”

This new rule has been adopted by the Italian National Association of Football Clubs (ANFA), the governing body for the Italian football league, and the governing Body of Italian Football, who have decided that the new rules are in line with the health and environmental requirements.

The ban on tofu and cat litter is due to be enforced by the end of the year.

The ban is currently being implemented in the following places:At the Juventus Stadium, where the Serie A team play, the ANFA has announced that they will ban tofu-laced tofu for now.

The players’ association also announced that it is to ban tofur for the 2018/19 season.

The banning of tofu from football grounds comes after an investigation conducted by the ANIFA.

The ANIFA found that the chemical tofu was used in a number, possibly thousands, of tofur products that are sold at football matches in Italy.

According to the ANI, the tofu is one of the main ingredients used to manufacture tofu products in Italy, and is one which has been linked to several serious health problems.

In a statement, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) said that the ban on cat litter was imposed due to “recent developments and concerns raised by the general public regarding tofu”.

The statement added that it was not an official ban on the use of tofus.

The announcement was welcomed by some fans, however, as the use and sale of tofen products are not illegal in Italy and are used for many sporting purposes.