Cedar cat litter cost $1.35 a pound in New Jersey

Cedar cat toys and litter costs a whopping $1,335 a pound across New Jersey, according to the state’s Department of Agriculture.

The cat litter costs in New York state are more modest, at $939 a pound.

The price tags are for cat litter from the CatCats.com and CatLitter.com cat litter companies.

Litter companies charge by weight, with the Cats getting the most bang for their buck.

The cost for a gallon of CatLitters.com litter in Manhattan is $1: 1,000 CatLits.com CatLittles.com Litter.

CatLiters.com costs $1 per pound, while CatCATS.com has the cheapest litter at $8.95.

A gallon of Littles CatLitters.com is $15.50.

Litter companies generally charge by the pound.

CatLitting.com charges by the gallon, while CatsLitter charges per pound.