A study finds people are less likely to get sick from grass cat mites

In this case, the problem is not the mites themselves but the water.

The grass cat waste, as they are known, is a source of health problems.

The mites are a common and easily transmitted pathogen that are not contained in a water treatment plant, so it’s a matter of when and how much to treat the water supply.

But a study by Queensland University of Technology, which surveyed 1,000 residents in the city of Brisbane, found people are more likely to report getting sick if they are at home than if they were outside, because they have to deal with the mite infestation.

“People who live in an urban environment, for example, who do have access to water, are more than twice as likely to be ill,” said Dr Rachel Brown, who led the study.

“The more time they spend outdoors, the higher the risk they are exposed to the problem.”

Dr Brown and her team studied people who were living in Brisbane at the time the study began and found that people who had been outdoors for a while were more likely than those who were indoors to be at risk of getting sick.

“We have found that indoor people have been more likely [to get sick],” she said.

Dr Brown said the study suggested people could be getting more exposure to grass mites by being in an indoor environment.

“In our study we found that there is an overlap between the two, with indoor people being exposed to more mites,” she said