A new cat litter can be used to save lives

The government is looking at making cat litter into an insoluble litter.

The new technology could be rolled out in five years.

The government has been looking at the idea of making cat lint into an easy to use, cheap and easy to store and use litter.

It could help curb the litter problem in the country, which is plagued with high litter rates.

The plan is to make cat litter an insolubility product and not an absorbent one, as many people think.

Cat litter has been made into an absorbant litter for decades now.

It’s not only used for cleaning and cooking, but also as a litter for the indoor cat population.

The government has also said that cat litter should be made into a product that is eco friendly, as it will be a waste to recycle the material.

The idea is to help curb litter, and also save lives.

People living in households where there are many cats, have a high litter rate, and the problem is getting worse.

It can be difficult to treat the litter.

People need to keep a close eye on their pets and try to keep them under control.

The city of Bhubaneswar has already made plans to make the cat litter insolubilite.

The city is working on a plan to make cats a good source of protein for people.

It is also trying to develop cat litter as a clean-up product.