A new breed of cat litter for the cat is now available.

By the time it comes out, the litter will be a lot smaller and easier to clean than the ones you might buy at the supermarket, which is why we’re seeing such an interest in cat litter. 

The new cat litter comes from a company called CatLitterCyprus, which specialises in cat-friendly litter that has been designed to reduce the amount of litter that is left on the floor of a house. 

Cat litter that was previously used in the house was often coated in glue or other chemicals that had to be removed from the cat litter in order to keep it in good condition.

The company’s new cat-proof litter is coated in plastic, so it’s also a lot less messy. 

It comes with a plastic base and a rubber strip that can be bent to make a cat bed for the animal.

The company’s CEO, Ovidos Sarantopoulos, says the company is now trying to develop cat litter that can also be used for pets, as well as other animals. 

“We are looking at cats for the next 50 years,” he told ABC News.

“The problem with cats is they eat everything, including their own litter.”

They do not want to touch it.” 

The cat-Proof Cat Litter has the potential to help solve a number of cat problems.”

I’m seeing a lot of cats, like the house cat, who are eating a lot and they are going through a litter,” Mr Sarantopolos said.”

If we put a cat-safe cat litter out in front of them, they will come back and lick it and that will stop them going through it.

“Mr Sarantopoulos believes the new catproof litter will also help keep cats out of the home.”

It will make it a lot easier for them to have fun and be a normal cat and not be a pest,” he said.

Cats are notoriously picky about where they live, but Mr Saptopoulos says it will be up to each individual cat to decide which litter they want to be a part of.”

Every cat has its own preferences and what works for them, is not going to work for everybody,” he added.”

Some cats love to chew things and the same goes for people.

“Cat LitterCyporis cat litter is available for $19 a pop, which you can buy online or at a pet store.

You can also visit CatLitterCyprus’ website to learn more about how you can make a difference to your pet’s life.

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